Research Instruments adds photon instrumentation to list of services

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In the current International Year of Light LA³NET partners Research Instruments celebrate with the announcement that they have acquired and will continue to operate the vacuum, insertion device, beamline, cryo-cooler, X-Ray and XUV activities of Bruker ASC. RI are renowned players in the field of particle accelerators, photon instrumentation & special manufacturing and this new photon instrumentation business will complete the service for innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology. RI and the former Bruker ASC Beamlines have a common history. Before 2009, their businesses were both parts of the former company ACCEL. These common roots are a good basis for a smooth integration of former colleagues and processes including the quality management and manufacturing facilities back into RI.

Users of synchrotrons, FELs and XUV light source will profit from a higher flexibility regarding designs and from allocation security of manufacturing resources. Access to clean and highly specialized manufacturing and testing facilities as well as to larger floor space are other benefits. The experience in series production of more than 400 superconducting cavities and almost as many advanced RF couplers for the XFEL project will have a positive impact on component standardization and leaner manufacturing. On the other hand, colleagues from the photon instrumentation team will introduce new and advanced technologies. In this way, Rl’s combined expertise in designing, engineering and high precision machining, welding and brazing processes, chemical and physical coating and clean room assembly is now complemented with photon instrumentation.