Paper published in New Journal of Physics

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The results published in this paper provide new insight into the collective response of charged particles to intense laser fields over an extended interaction volume, which is important for a wide range of applications, and in particular for the development of promising new ultraintense laser-driven ion acceleration mechanisms involving ultrathin target foils.

Target wheel holding the ultra-thin targets employed in the experiment

'Azimuthal asymmetry in collective electron dynamics in relativistically transparent laser-foil interactions', R. J. Gray, D. A. MacLellan, B. Gonzalez-Izquierdo, H. W. Powell, D. C. Carroll, C. D. Murphy, L. C. Stockhausen, D. R. Rusby, G. G. Scott, R. Wilson, N. Booth, D. R. Symes, S. J. Hawkes, R. Torres, M. Borghesi, D. Neely, P. McKenna (2014) New Journal of Physics, 16. ISSN 1367-2630

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