LA³NET at International Conference on Laser Probing (LAP 2012)

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LA³NET steering committee members Nathalie Lecesne and Rob Ashworth were pleased to present the LAP 2012 Young Scientist Award to worthy winners at the Laser Probing conference held from 4-8 June 2012 in Paris. The award was sponsored by LA³NET. Against high quality competition Patrick Ehlers was chosen for the oral presentation award receiving a certificate and €500. Two posters were selected for recognition from the impressive poster session with winners Junyang Wang and Andrew Klose both receiving a certificate and €250.

The winning presentations were:

• Patrick Ehlers (Umea University) - NICE-OHMS- A laser-based spectroscopic technique for ultra sensitive detection of gases

• Junyang Wang (Umea University) - Dicke Narrowing and speed-dependent effects in dispersion mode of detection and NICE-OHMS. Theory and Experimental verification

• Andrew Klose (MSU) - Laser spectroscopy of stable 55Mn I using BECOLA at NSCL

Following the awards ceremony Rob Ashworth gave a presentation on LA³NET describing how the training network functions and key activities. The posts available within the network were advertised as well as the chance for external participation at the Laser Application School in GANIL in October and by applying for the Early Stage Researcher prize. The opportunity for additional organisations to join the network as adjunct partners was also promoted.