9th DITANET Topical Workshop

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CERN are to host a 3 day workshop on Non-Invasive Beam Size Measurement for High Brightness Proton and Heavy Ion Accelerators on April 15th-18th 2013. The workshop is sponsored by DITANET with the main aim to preparate non-invasive transverse beam size monitors in the LHC and its injector chain to fulfil the future emittance measurement requirements for LHC beams. This will be focussed on improvements to existing systems for implementation during the long CERN shutdown in 2013-2014 and on concepts that could be foreseen for installation during the second long shutdown in 2018.

The 3 day workshop will be followed by a 1 day review of a new fast wirescanner in development at CERN. This will act as a final check on all aspects of the design prior to launching the production of a prototype unit for installation in the CERN-SPS in 2014. Participants are invited to stay on to attend this review if they so wish.

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