Evasys and Evasys+ (previously known as EvaMetrics) are the services used for the evaluation of University courses/modules.

Evasys logo

Administrators access Evasys to:

  • Prepare questionnaires
  • Administer online surveys
  • Capture feedback
  • Deliver reports

Evasys+ brings together a range of applications including the Instructor Portal. Module leaders can use the Instructor Portal to:

  • View scheduled surveys
  • Check response rates
  • Email students who haven't yet participated in a survey
  • View past survey results
  • Run surveys to capture feedback while a class is taking place

Evasys+ and the Instructor Portal help to improve response rates when used to capture feedback during class - in a similar way to a paper survey.

The Instructor Portal has the added benefit of allowing module leaders to view completed surveys for the current semester and completed surveys from previous semesters.

You can ensure your survey is compliant with data protection regulations by following our helpful guidance.