Print Anywhere

You can send most files to print via the internet from your computer, tablet or mobile - either via your web browser or by email.

It is only possible to print A4 via email, and A4 and A3 via the website. You cannot send posters or other specialised printing using this method. Also, when sending to print via email there is a file size limit of 50MB.

Using Print Anywhere by email

Send your file as an attachment from your University email account to:

  • (for black and white) or
  • (for colour)

Once you have emailed your attachment, the print job will be sent to the queue for release using Follow-You printing. You will receive an email telling you this – it may take several minutes for the email to arrive if the print job is large or the service is busy. You can then release your printing from the Ricoh printer as normal.

  • Only the attachment (not the email body) is sent to the queue.
  • The attachment will be printed in A4 duplex and in full - you cannot select which pages to print using the email service. You can select pages using the web browser option detailed below.
  • The email service has a document file size limit of 50MB. If the resulting job spool size generated is too large the job will be rejected.
  • If you have several jobs to send you can send them as a zip file. If you wish to avoid sending multiple emails, highlight the files, right click choose "send to compressed (zipped) folder". The zip file cannot be larger than 50MB.

Using Print Anywhere from your web browser

Navigate to and log in with your University username and password.

Select the options you require from the settings visible towards the bottom of the screen, then browse or drag and drop your document to the box.

Print Anywhere Web

Once you are happy that your options are correct, click Print.

You will see a progress bar which will inform you when your print job has been submitted.

Once you have sent your file to print you can release it from any Ricoh printer on campus in the normal way.

Note – only use the staple option if you know that the Ricoh you will use to print the jobs has a staple unit.

What can I send to print?

You can print Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and most images using the method above. 

Occasionally a more complex or long document may fail to print using this service. In which case you will need to print in the standard way by logging on to a University Managed Windows Service computer.