Staff and PGR printing alternatives

Staff and PGR students use Follow-You printing for most of their work and can use any Ricoh printer wherever they are located. Posters are categorised as specialised printing and are handled differently.

With Follow-You printing you do not select a specific printer, printing is handled centrally and you choose which printer you release your printing to.

After submitting your printing simply go to any Ricoh MFD and release your printing.

Follow-You printing should already be set up for staff and postgraduate research students using a machine on the MWS, but if - for some reason - it needs to be set up manually, instructions are available to help you do so.

Using Follow-You printing on Mac, LINUX, UNIX or standalone Windows PCs

Follow-You printing can be set up manually on a wide range of devices, including those running

on or off campus. 

Powering off Ricoh MFDs in Departments

Normally the Ricohs should be left on all the time, as they need to communicate occasionally with the server and do not draw much power when in sleep mode. If a Ricoh needs to be powered off please do this by using the Power down switch on the front or side and not at the wall as this can cause the machine to lose data.