Two operational level dashboards in Tableau have been rolled out to a pilot group of staff members. In conjunction with this, we are releasing some resources to help users understand what Tableau is, what content already exists and how you can get to access it.


What is Tableau?

Tableau is an analytics platform which allows users to view large amounts of data through easily consumable graphics and other visual representations.


How will I use this?

Users of Tableau will function exclusively as viewers of this data and will have no actual capacity to change the source material. Visualisations are put together by gathering the relevant data and putting together a curated dashboard. Users will then be able to view these dashboards and sift through the data as they please.


How will Tableau be able to help me in my work?

Tableau allows users to sift through large data sets and, due to the user-friendly nature of the platform, quickly extrapolate information from these data sets. The utility of each dashboard will vary significantly depending on the user and the projects with which they are involved. It is important to remember that users will only be given access to Tableau dashboards which are pertinent to their work.


How do I gain access to Tableau?

Staff can gain access to existing dashboards via the IT Request System. You can find the link for that in the resources page. Approval will then be sent to their line manager and if appropriate, the data owners. Users will then only be able to see the content that they have been given access to.


How can I learn to use Tableau?

An online repository has been put together containing all the important resources necessary to learn how to use Tableau. Each training section contains an instructional video as well as Tableau workbooks which the user can complete. If you wish to familiarise yourself with Tableau, check out the resources page.