Business Objects

Business Objects allows users to view, sort and analyse management information which is retrieved from several central University systems and databases. These tools are accessed via a central portal known as the BI Launchpad.


The Launchpad is a web-based portal used by all Business Objects users to access a variety of tools used for interrogating data: this includes operational and administrative reports, used to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the institution; and strategic reports, used to illustrate performance against KPIs aligned to the institutional strategy.

The Launchpad is highly customisable to provide quick and easy access to the tools and resources you use most frequently.

Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence, also referred to as Webi, is the standard tool within Business Objects for producing, refreshing, and disseminating, operational reports built from querying the central University business systems. Reports are developed by queries built on 'Universes' which draw together data from one or more systems.

The Launchpad provides access to Webi reports, including standard corporate reports saved within folders in the central repository (e.g. General University Reports).

What's new in Business Objects

In January 2021, Business Objects 4.3 was launched. The video below highlights some of the new features.