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Conference Apps

The Conference App has been developed to enhance the conference attendee’s experience by providing itinerary information, including schedule and speaker information.


The app has a variety of features, these include:

  • Schedule of tasks
  • Ability to filter Schedule
  • Ability to create a personalised itinerary
  • Enhanced session information
  • Register Attendance
  • Speaker information
  • Search feature
  • Maps with point to point routing
  • Sponsor information

When launching the app the user is taken to the home screen, from here a wide range of features can be accessed. The home screen is made up of equal blocks / links that can be added or removed as required.


The schedule provides a full list of all sessions including, session name, start and end time, speaker name, category, keynote (if applicable) and added to planner icon (if applicable). The session filter enables users to filter results based on a list of predefined categories.

My Planner

Create a personal itinerary for the event using ‘My Planner’.


View a full list of all the speakers, including speaker name, email, job title, organisations, photograph, speaker information and view the list of sessions associated with a particular speaker.


By granting location permissions a map of the campus will be shown, with a pin displaying the current location. A drop down list of all the buildings will be displayed, allowing the user to access point to point routing from their current location. A pop up showing the building name, address, distance and time will display.


A list of sponsors and conference partners will be available under bespoke headings e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze. The sponsor name and clickable URL will be listed for each.


The information page can display any conference specific information e.g lunch arrangements. An ‘About the App’ section will also be displayed crediting the development team, support information, version and the University of Liverpool logo.

I am loving the app for #SSHM2018 ! It will definitely help me keep informed and organised this week #phd #app #excited

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