Single-cell sequencing

Single-cell library preparation from 10x Genomics enables high resolution analysis of complex cell populations.

The Chromium and Chromium X Controllers are automated, tabletop library preparation platforms leveraging advanced microfluidics and single-molecule barcoding technologies for multi-dimensional single-cell analysis.

The Chromium Controllers are most commonly used to investigate gene expression of single cells within a population, enabling interrogation of heterogeneous cell populations and clustering of cells into distinct types before analysis of gene expression within each cluster. However, these platforms also offer researchers the ability to profile B and T cell receptors within a sample, assay chromatin accessibility within single cells (ATAC seq ), identify CRISPR perturbations, and antibody-based feature barcoding technology can be used to quantify the levels of cell-surface proteins.

Furthermore, data from these distinct applications can be integrated to provide even greater insights.

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