Short-read sequencing

Illumina’s short-read sequencing-by-synthesis is the gold standard for scientific research worldwide.

Next-generation sequencing platforms still represent a significant investment for individual research laboratories and require a great deal of technical expertise and time to maintain. As a dedicated centre running both the high output NovaSeq 6000 and low output MiSeq short read platforms, the CGR enables researchers to access the best platform for their specific project, while ensuring maximum return on their investment.

The NovaSeq X Plus is a high-throughput platform launched by Illumina in 2023. It provides the CGR with the speed and flexibility to complete projects quicker and more economically than ever before. Applications requiring large amounts of high-quality sequence data, such as human whole-genome sequencing, cannot be completed in a more cost-effective manner.


The MiSeq is an integrated benchtop sequencer. It features significantly faster cycle times allowing small projects to be completed quickly at a lower overall cost. The MiSeq
delivers high prevision variant detection and is suitable for small scale projects such as amplicon or small genome sequencing.

Applications that would typically be carried out using short read sequencing include resequencing and small variant identification, targeted sequencing of particular genomic regions, whole transcriptome analysis, DNA methylation profiling and metagenomic analysis of microbial communities.

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