Long-read sequencing

PacBio’s single molecule real time (SMRT) long read sequencing generates the highest quality sequencing data available.

Next-generation sequencing platforms still represent a significant investment for individual research laboratories and require a great deal of technical expertise and time to maintain. As a dedicated centre running two PacBio Sequel IIe platforms, the CGR enables researchers to access these state-of-the-art instruments without the associated upfront cost, while also ensuring a rapid turnaround for individual projects. The CGR is a certified service provider for PacBio.

The Sequel IIe System provides higher throughput, more scalability and lower sequencing costs than the previous Sequel System. This allows users to tailor their experimental design and budget, whilst obtaining the benefits of SMRT technology. The Sequel IIe also offers HiFi reads, meaning you no longer need to choose between accuracy and read length; you can now use highly accurate long reads to accelerate your research.

Applications that would typically be carried out using long-read sequencing include de novo genome assembly, detection of large and structural variants, resolution of repetitive genomic regions, full length transcriptomics to characterise isoform diversity, epigenetic analysis, population sequencing to resolve complex samples such as viral communities and assembly of metagenome assembled genomes (MAGs).

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