Data analysis

Bespoke informatics support tailored to each project.

The CGR informatics group comprises a team of PhD-level biologists with significant experience in computational analysis of NGS datasets. We design custom analysis pipelines on a project-by-project basis and also offer one-to-one support via the CGR informatics clinic. Commonly requested informatics packages include:

  • Mapping of short-read data against a reference genome and SNP detection
  • Analysis of metabarcoding libraries, including statistical analysis of alpha-and beta-diversity, and differentially abundant taxa between sample groups
  • Shotgun metagenomics analysis, including identification of differentially abundant taxa and biochemical pathways between sample groups
  • Differential expression analysis of RNAseq and small RNA datasets
  • De novo genome and transcriptome assembly, as well as annotation
  • Identification of structural variants
  • Differential methylation profiling
  • Analysis of single-cell transcriptome data, including unbiased clustering of cell types and identification of cell types using marker genes.

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