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Museums of the North West Photogrammetry Hub

Museums of the North West Photogrammetry Hub: building virtual 3D futures is an Art Fund supported project to train and facilitate staff across NW museums in digital 3D recording, preservation and presentation, with the eventual goal of constructing virtual and accessible exhibitions.

Digital archiving, particularly with 3D models, is an increasingly important approach in museum professional services, but is costly in expertise and equipment. As a result, its application is often limited to larger museums. This project will open access to such approaches for small regional museums, increasing resilience and helping future-proof the conservation of the collections.

The Garstang Museum based team are providing training and direct working support in photogrammety practices to North West museum staff. One of the outcomes of the project will be the construction of a digital exhibition featuring collections of the North West, using augmented reality, that will be hosted online.

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