Liverpool Comedy Improv

ULMS MSc Accelerator Programme: Emma Bird – Liverpool Comedy Improv

9:00am - 10:30am / Tuesday 28th September 2021
Type: Workshop / Category: Department
  • Suitable for: All student, graduates of University of Liverpool
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Liverpool Comedy Improv is running an improvisation session for MSc students. The good news is you don’t need to be funny to attend, although laughter is a guarantee!

This workshop can prime you with the quick-thinking communication skills you need to succeed in the business world. It’s a strictly no-note taking session aimed at actively strengthening your innovation, communication and cooperation skills.

What is Improvised Comedy?
Improvised comedy is the art of making up scenes, sketches and dialogue on the fly, without a script. Improv is underpinned by fundamental principles that help you spontaneously create: Listen; Agree; Contribute.

Improv is a non-judgmental, positive form of creativity. In this workshop you will play improv games and exercises in an atmosphere of safety and support. Working together in a pair or team to create short scenes and sketches, you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Your confidence grows and well-being is boosted. There is no pressure to ‘be funny’; humour comes from being relaxed, cooperative and authentically YOU.

Why Improv for Business?

The foundation principles of improvisation are transferable and valuable to those studying business. Organisations must be able to communicate, cooperate, pivot, adapt, think quickly, innovate, bring people with them and move forward with change. It’s an increasingly popular training practice in the UK. And U.S. companies, such as Twitter and Google (amongst others), have been using it for years!

Liverpool Comedy Improv believes in the importance of structured play in order to develop an innovative business. Improv positively meets contemporary business needs, such as:

Effective communication skills
Adaptability / ability to pivot
Building positive team skills
Developing an adventurous leadership mindset
Positive relationship building
Inspiring creativity and innovative thinking

What Happens in an Improv Workshop?

Typically an introductory session is where you get to do stuff – no taking notes or looking at a power point presentation! It will be a fun, funny, active and participatory session.

There will be warm-up games where playfulness is encouraged to start the session. This will lead to simple, short and well structured improvised scenes.

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