Bloomberg Masterclass: Analytics & Sales

2:00pm - 3:00pm / Monday 1st March 2021 / Online event
Type: Webinar / Category: Department
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The Bloomberg Masterclass has been crafted to give candidates the outstanding and unique opportunity to boost their chances of securing a role with a global financial technology company such as Bloomberg. We know from experience that many candidates often possess the required skills to be successful at Bloomberg; but struggle to demonstrate those skills throughout our recruitment process. The masterclass is crafted to overcome this challenge and to give candidates the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. The masterclass participants will receive a free license to complete the Bloomberg Market Concepts.

By taking BMC, participants will:

• Learn about the financial markets.
• Become familiar with over 100 Bloomberg terminal functions.
• Practice articulating this knowledge with over 160 interactive questions.

In addition to the BMC, participants will benefit from 8 hours of interactive webinars and workshops delivered by a range of Bloomberg Professionals.

By taking part in the interactive webinars; participants will:

• Meet with specialists from Analytics & Global Data to discuss the concepts taught in the BMC and to embed a deep/solid understanding of the content.
• Spend time with recruiters from HR to understand how to submit a successful application, including tips on how to build a strong resume and how to perform well in an interview
• Meet with Bloomberg Communities to discover the rich and diverse company culture.

The Masterclass will run from the 1st of March until the 12th of March 2021 and will have a 1-hour webinar each day at 2 pm BST. You will be required to participate in all webinars. Applications close the 19th of February.

To be eligible to participate you will need:

• The ability to start a full time role in 2021 or complete a Summer Internship in 2021
• Have graduated from all studies by 2022
• An interest in Finance and Technology
• Business fluency in English
• Business fluency in German, French, Spanish or Japanese is a plus
Application procedures
The amount of spaces is limited, and we will be progressing only with selected applications. Upon successful completion of the programme participants will be guaranteed a first round phone interview for the most relevant Bloomberg department.
If you have any extenuating circumstances or require further information about the programme, please contact EmployAbility on +44 (0)7852 764 684 or email info@employ-ability.org.uk