Home on the Move: poetry, translation, art — workshop and book launch

3:00pm - 5:00pm / Wednesday 23rd October 2019 / Venue: The Language Lounge, 1-7 Abercromby Square Abercromby SQ (West)
Type: Workshop / Category: Department
  • Admission: Free. Book via Eventbrite
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Led by Manuela Perteghella and Ricarda Vidal.

We live in a society built on migration where many languages are spoken and where many people feel they belong to more than one place, one culture, or one linguistic community. With the opportunities and pressures of globalisation and in times of unprecedented economic and forced migration, notions of ‘home’ are becoming more fluid. Home is no longer necessarily understood as a fixed abode, but can be mobile as well as located in multiple spaces, physical as well as virtual ones. But what happens to home when it travels, when it is transported between cultures, places or languages? What is transformed?

And how can poetry, art and translation give us access to this mobile notion of home, which is a reality for so many of us?

These are some of the questions we will explore at this workshop: first in discussion with poet Deryn Rees-Jones and then through creative and collaborative translation.

The workshop is based on Talking Transformations: Home on the Move which comprises creative writing and translation workshops, a travelling exhibition and the poetry anthology Home on the Move: two poems go on a journey (Parthian, 2019). Chris McCabe called Home on the Move “one of the most inventive and necessary poetry projects of recent years, a reminder of Ted Hughes’s assertion that poetry ‘is a universal language in which we can all hope to meet’.”

For the project, two poems, “Home” by Deryn Rees-Jones and “Dom. Konstrukcja w procesie sądowym” by Rafał Gawin were sent on a journey through five European countries, whereby they were translated by a literary translator and a film artist in every country they visited. The resulting translations and art films were then translated into new versions and forms by professional and amateur translators and poets.

Participants of today’s workshop will be asked to create their own version of Rees-Jones’s “Home” based on a selection of different versions of the poem in film and writing.

No foreign language skills are needed.