The Social Economy Panel Debate on the Future of the LCR Social Economy

9:30am - 12:30pm / Tuesday 2nd July 2019 / Venue: The Chapel Foresight Centre (Block J)
Type: Seminar / Category: Department
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Can the Liverpool City Region reach its full potential?

In the Liverpool City Region we know that there is a dynamic social economy. Research by the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy Practice and Place has shown levels of employment of a similar level to the visitor economy of around 45,000 people, a robust revenue stream of nearly £3 billion per annum and a substantive asset base of some £4 billion. These figures show a firm basis for the development of the social economy however, this has yet to be recognised as a strategic asset for the whole Liverpool City Region economy.

In the City Region the Local Enterprise Partnership regularly seeks to boost what it sees as strategic development of its main sectors, yet the social economy is absent from its analysis. The Combined Authority has made good progress in recognising how the local economy needs to be developed with inclusive growth in mind, yet fails to see the potential of the social economy for this purpose. While smiles and sympathy abound, resource and support is limited. Yet our evidence demonstrates that where this support is provided by local governance agencies, the social economy responds and grows in ways that elevate the whole economy.

After two years of work involving practitioners through the Liverpool City Region Social Economy Panel we are at a crucial point in how we progress our research and ideas. Our aim is to bring together a wider group of people interested in whether we can embed the the social economy in Liverpool City Region in a much more strategic way.

We would like to invite you to an event we are running under the auspices of the Social Economy Panel on Tuesday July 2nd at the Foresight Centre, 9.30am at the University of Liverpool.

We wish to use this event to examine new ideas that are stirring about how we should organise local economies, and why and how the the social economy should be central to such debates. With this in mind we would like to provoke the debate by posing the following question:

Why is the social economy unable to reach its full potential in the Liverpool City Region?

We are saying this part of the local economy has been by-passed in the past and is now marginal to the ideas being articulated about the future of Liverpool City Region. We are asking why?

In the spirit of debate we hope you can attend and join critically, the discussion to see how we can produce views with real practical outcomes for those in the sector and for the Social Economy Panel itself.