Liverpool Biennial 2020 and Our Research

5:00pm - 7:00pm / Monday 13th May 2019
Type: Networking Event / Category: Research
  • Suitable for: Academic and Research staff
  • Admission: Free.
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Liverpool Biennial 2020 and Our Research

May 13th, 2019 – 5-7pm, School of the Arts Library

Join us for a presentation and town-hall style discussion about the University’s prospective research contributions to the Liverpool Biennial 2020. Curator Manuela Moscoso will introduce colleagues to some of the emerging themes and ideas for the Biennial’s 11th edition. As the UK’s largest visual arts festival, the Biennial offers researchers at the University a chance to have meaningful input into its tremendous public international platform right on our doorstep.

There will be an opportunity to discuss collaboration with the Liverpool Biennial’s Programme Team and wine and nibbles will also be provided.

Liverpool Biennial 2020 hinges on the body, a living entity with multiple crossings – of history, context, identity – where categories like nature and culture continuously fold into each other. LB2020 starts by looking at the body, and its possible futures, from the inside out. A dynamic entity that continually digests its surroundings (intellectually, sensorially, and materially) rather than an instrument of representation or a screen on which to project identity. The central anchoring point of these queries is Liverpool: the visible and invisible dynamics of this historic port are taken as portents for the future body.

The artistic practices that gradually group under LB2020 share concerns with the definition, invention, and circulation of bodies and their knowledges. They envision forms of navigating such trajectories or of digesting in novel ways, in accordance with changing environments. In parallel, a cohort of co-thinkers will gather in the autumn to share and develop their thinking, listening, reading, and writing around these questions. Their contributions will inform the publication programme as well as the overall language direction of the Biennial.

Manuela Moscoso
Manuela Moscoso is the Curator for Liverpool Biennial 2020, which will take place 11 July – 25 October 2020. Originally from Ecuador, Manuela was the Senior Curator at Tamayo Museo in Mexico City. She is part of Zarigüeya, a programme that activates relations between contemporary art and the pre-Columbian collection of the Museo de Arte Precolombino Casa del Alabado, Ecuador. In 2012 she was appointed co-director of Capacete, a residency programme based in Brazil where she also c