Professor Wendy Moncur

Women in Technology (WiT) Lecture Series: Professor Wendy Moncur

1:00pm - 2:00pm / Wednesday 24th April 2024 / Online event
Type: Webinar / Category: Department / Series: WiT (Women in Technology) Lecture Series
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Title: Privacy Risks and Legal Challenges in the Emergent Use of Generative AI in Research with Participant Data

Speaker: Professor Wendy Moncur - Cybersecurity Group Lead at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Abstract: Generative AI and Large Language Models (GenAI) are increasingly being used as part of the process of undertaking research that makes use of personal data. This can have advantages for researchers. However, it also raises ethical considerations and legal exposures around potential privacy risks and harms to study participants, who may be unaware of how GenAI will use – and perhaps share - their data. University Ethics Committees are largely under-prepared to consider these risks and harms. Our 10-month research project represents initial steps to equip University Ethics Committees better. In this talk, I will share some early insights. I also welcome interactive discussion on the ways in which members of the audience may be using these tools in their research – and the ethical considerations that may have surfaced along the way.

Speaker bio: Professor Wendy Moncur leads the Cybersecurity Group at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Her sociotechnical research focuses on online identity, reputation, trust and cybersecurity. It traverses disciplinary boundaries, drawing on Human Computer Interaction, psychology, sociology, digital anthropology and design. Wendy has over 80 peer-reviewed publications across human-computer interaction, cybersecurity, AI, law, psychology, design and sociology. She currently leads the Human Factors workstream in the £3.6Million project AP4L: (Adaptive PETs to Protect & emPower People during Life Transitions), and leads the REPHRAIN-funded project Addressing Privacy Risks and Legal Challenges in the Emergent Use of Text-based Generative AI for UK Research (REPHRAIN). She is also an Expert Fellow in SPRITE+, the Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust Engagement NetworkPlus.