Irati Elorrieta

Annual Manuel Irujo Lecture in Basque Studies 2023: Irati Elorrieta

4:00pm - 6:00pm / Tuesday 7th March 2023 / Venue: Lecture Theatre 8 Rendall Building / Online event
Type: Lecture / Category: Department
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In collaboration with the Etxepare Basque Institute, the University of Liverpool's Department of Languages, Cultures and Film are delighted to be joined by writer Irati Elorrieta for the Annual Manuel Irujo Lecture in Basque Studies 2023.


The future of the Basque language and of the Basque Country is felt by many Basques to depend on the success in the medium-term of the project of nation-building that Basque nationalism has pursued for nearly a century and a half now. Yet, to the present day, the consciousness of being a member of the Basque nation is not shared by the majority of the Basques. Moreover, the nation-building project is not making big progress: as the decades pass by, the attachment of the Basque population to the main identity markers fostered by Basque nationalism – the language itself, Euskara, and the idea of a sovereign Basque Country – does not seem to increase significantly. Should then the idea of the nation be put aside to try other conceptual grounds for the aim of strengthening the Basque language and Basque identity? The Basque diaspora may well become a crucial contributor when it comes to renewing the narratives that sustain Basqueness in the 21st century. Basque writer Irati Elorrieta has been living in Berlin for years now, but has kept contributing to Basque culture with her writings. The winner of the 2019 Euskadi Award for Literature in Basque will be sharing with us her thoughts and experiences related to the topic.


Ms. Irati Elorrieta was born in a coastal village in the Basque Country in 1979. She is a writer in the Basque language and lives in Berlin. She published her short story-novel Bubbles (Alberdania) in 2011, two years after the Basque original Burbuilak (Alberdania). She has translated works by Rotraut Susanne Berner and Daniel Glattauer from German into Basque and has collaborated as a columnist in print media. The novel Neguko argiak (Pamiela) was the winner of the Euskadi Award for Literature in Basque in 2019; it was published in 2021 in Spanish by Galaxia Gutenberg as Luces de invierno (Winter lights).

This event is available to attend in-person and online. For those who wish to join us virtually, you will find the Zoom details below.

Topic: 2023 Annual Manuel Irujo Lecture
Time: Mar 7, 2023 04:00 PM London

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