Capital One - Big data event

Capital One – Live online career challenge (virtual work experience)

6:00pm - 6:40pm / Tuesday 25th January 2022
Type: Webinar / Category: Department
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The Data Inspiration Group are passionate about building a unique community that inspires young people to consider a career in data, the world’s fastest growing industry.

We are excited to present Digdata, a programme of bite-sized, virtual work-experience career challenges, and live online career panels designed for all students across all year groups and course disciplines to get involved and learn about the breadth of career opportunities available.

We have partnered with Capital One to bring you a live online career challenge on Tuesday 25th January at 6pm. This 40-minute live session hosted on MS Teams will give you all the tools and information required to solve their business problem.

All our events are free to attend.

What you will gain
• The opportunity to solve a real business problem
• Virtual work experience with Capital One
• Certification of virtual work experience
• 30 minute mentoring session with Capital One

Don’t have much or any work experience on your CV? This is the perfect opportunity to get some and be awarded certification.

Careers in data aren’t just for STEM students!

Capital One pride themselves on hiring the best people, not the same people. More than anything, they’re interested in how you think, your ideas, and your drive to make things better for their customers.

Because of that, their data team is diverse and inclusive. Yes, some of them have STEM degrees. But you’ll also find Data Analysts who studied Psychology and Data Scientists who started out in Japanese!

Our “Step Up” live online career Challenge

Their data team have created a dataset based on 10,000 of their customers. It includes data about each customer, the card they have and how they use it. For example, whether they log into the mobile app regularly and where they spend their money.

Using this data, they want to understand their customers and better meet their needs. What insights will you be able to find? What actions could you recommend to their leadership team?

How you do this is up to you, but here’s how two of their teams might approach it:

Challenge A
Can you help their data science team?

Their data scientists have suggested to build a model that predicts future spend. By interpreting the model, you should be able to see what’s correlated with frequent card usage or what makes a customer walk away from Capital One.

You might do this in python or R, though other methods could also work. You’ll need to think about the type of model you build and what features you want to use. And don’t forget to consider how you’ll clearly present your findings to their leadership team!

Challenge B
Can you help their business strategy team?

Their business strategy analysts are the experts at taking a dataset and using it to recommend what the business should do. They’ve suggested to identify groups of customers with similar characteristics and think about how they would use a credit card. For example, who do you think spends more on travel? A digitally engaged student or a middle-aged parent? Excel or another spreadsheet program would work fine for this.

Using your insights into their customers, how could we better serve their needs? What should they change about their products or the way they communicate with customers? Their team can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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