Sumy State University and Liverpool University

Our partnership Sumy State University, Ukraine

We are standing together in solidarity with Sumy State University through our Universities UK twinning partnership. Together, we are demonstrating university collaborations at their best, showing the power of education to unite, share hope and change people’s lives.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, Universities UK launched the UK-Ukraine Twinning Scheme. UK universities are partnering with universities in Ukraine to provide urgent, targeted support.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, over 95 professional pre-higher and higher education institutions have been damaged. At least nine have been destroyed. University teams and Students’ Unions had to arrange mass evacuations. Some students and colleagues are now protecting their country on the frontline. Others are spread far and wide desperately trying to continue their research and studies.

Our partnership

Since June 2022, we have twinned with Sumy State University to share resources, learning and ideas.

The partnership provided vital support in the short term, so students can continue their studies, and researchers can carry on with their research. In the longer term, this collaboration will help Sumy State University rebuild its campus and play a key role in rebuilding Ukraine.

So far, the twinning partnership has made a real difference to students, researchers, and local communities. The sharing of ideas and resources has included:

  • Providing an extensive database of online learning materials from across all three faculties for Sumy State University staff and students to access through a purpose-built platform
  • Welcoming Ukrainian students to summer school, both on-campus and virtually
  • Support for Sumy’s cloud-based IT needs
  • Providing access to space and accommodation for Sumy State University academics able to travel to Liverpool, access to Liverpool staff development courses, and joint working between academics on journals and conferences
  • Supporting Sumy State University in communicating with applicants
  • Liverpool’s Human Anatomy Resource Centre (HARC) has worked with Primal Pictures to provide all Sumy State University medical-based students access to, the market-leading, 3D digital human anatomy platform.


We are now collaborating with Sumy on a new digitalisation and digital transformation research and innovation programme.

The programme aims to build stronger research links and develop longer-term partnerships between the two universities, specifically in the areas of digital economics, renewable energy, digital infrastructure, and digital transformation.

The five-month project will provide support for both visiting and remote scholarships, knowledge exchange activities and training programmes.

One year on

Over one year on from the invasion of Ukraine, we’re reflecting on the initiative and how we hope to continue our partnership now and during more peaceful times ahead.

Summer school

We’ve welcomed Ukrainian students to our International Summer School, both on-campus and virtually. Almost 80 students and staff from Sumy State University graduated from the programme, studying two modules – ‘Sustainable Development Goals – Global Challenges, Local Action, Achieved Outcomes’ and ‘Fake News, Fake Science and Critical Thinking. What should I believe?”. 

We are also delighted to be hosting two students from Sumy State who have joined us for Semester 2 of 2022/23 and we are looking forward to welcoming Sumy State students and staff again for the 2023 International Summer School.

Editors on Sumy State journals

University of Liverpool staff from the Faculty of Science and Engineering have acted as editors on Sumy State journals.


We have helped Sumy State University communicate with applicants. This collaboration led to recruitment numbers exceeding Sumy State’s expectations.

Future plans

We are very proud to partner with Sumy State University and we hope our tie of cooperation and cultural exchange continues now and for many years to come.

Looking ahead, we hope to offer dual degree programmes for Sumy State students, offer research opportunities within our Management School and work closely with the team organising the Eurovision Song Contest, which is being hosted in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine.

Eurovision 2023

Liverpool hosted Eurovision 2023 on behalf of Ukraine, putting Ukraine at the heart of this year’s event, celebrating the country’s modern cultural identity. 

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