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Plenary Lectures

Four plenary lectures were presented at the Liverpool Convention Centre during the earlier part of the Congress on Wednesday 27th August and Thursday 28th August.

Each of the lectures can be listened to again by clicking on the photos and the relevant presentations can also be viewed in conjunction:

Click here to hear Ed Glaeser Plenary Lecture


Professor Ed Glaeser (Harvard)


The Economics of Place-Making Policies


John Flamson (Liverpool)


Liverpool's regeneration: context, challenges and lessons


Click here to hear John Flamson plenary lecture

Click here to hear Sir Alan Wilson plenary lecture


Professor Sir Alan Wilson (University College London)


The general urban model: retrospect and prospect



Tony Venables (Oxford)


Economic development through the lens of economic geography.

Click here to hear Tony Venables plenary lecture
Click to hear Antoine Bailly's acceptance of award speech


The RSAI Founder’s Medal was presented by RSAI World President Roger Stough to

Antoine Bailly

The Regional Science Community and the Future of RSAI


Inaugural lecture for the journal – Spatial Economic Analysis

Phil McCann (University of Waikato, New Zealand)

The Economic Geography of Globalisation: Technology, Institutions and Multinationals