Working from Home

The majority of University IT services can be used to work remotely or from home.  Here's how to access key systems and services when you're off campus or away from your computer. 

Working from Home FAQs


From connecting to your drives to how to hold meetings online, here are the answers you might need.

Microsoft Teams

Conduct meetings, chat with your colleagues and even make phone calls with Microsoft Teams. Here's how to use this tool.

Recording lectures from off campus

Recording lectures from home

Staff can record lectures, upload them to Stream and associate the videos to modules in VITAL, all from home.

Forms, Stream and Whiteboard

These new Microsoft apps have been made available to enable better collaboration while working from home. Discover what they can do.

Data Protection

Guidance to ensure that data protection and information security standards are held in place for University staff work at home.

Use Install Uni Apps at home

If you're on an MWS PC or laptop, and you're connected to VPN, here's how to access Install University Applications.

VPN: Install the client and connect

How to use the GlobalProtect client to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.


The best way to access your email from home is through webmail.

Keep in touch

While you'll find a wealth of info on these pages, we're only a click away if you need help with something.

Teaching and learning at home

The Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) has developed a guide to help colleagues with considerations for teaching remotely where they would usually be teaching in an on-campus environment.