SelectSurvey Software

Survey Software PNG bannerCreate your own survey with our easy-to-use web based survey software. Select from over a dozen question types (multiple choice, rating scales, drop-down menus, and more).

We offer SelectSurvey to all members of staff and postgraduate students as an easy way to create an online survey. You can use it for both simple (quick evaluation) and complex surveys (quesitions based on previous responses).

Once a survey is completed and released:

1. Individual survey results can be analysed

2. Reports with graphs and tables can be produced from all the results

3. Completed results can be exported into SPSS or Excel for further analysis

For information about creating and managing your survey please see our Survey software document.‌

If you wish to use the Survey Software then you will need to be given access. Please contact the CSD Service Desk in the first instance.

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