Get connected

PC Centres

There are over 2,600 computers in PC Centres across campus, which are available unless they have been booked for teaching. They all run Microsoft Windows 10 and provide access to a wide range of pre-installed software, including Microsoft Office.

You can find a PC on campus easily using our PC Finder tool.

If you're bringing your own computer with you, you can connect it to the University network using either free Wi-Fi in designated zones, or a wired network connection if you are in Halls of Residence.


The University's free Wi-Fi service, eduroam, is available in many areas of the University such as cafes, bars and communal areas in Halls of Residence. You can connect your device to our Wi-Fi using eduroam CAT once you're on campus in a Wi-Fi zone.

Halls of Residence

If you're in Halls of Residence you can connect your computer, or one of several supported games consoles, to the network using the wired network point in your room.

Stay safe online

Before you arrive you should make sure that all of your devices (PC, laptop, mobile or tablet) that you plan to bring with you have the latest updates and antivirus software installed. If you don't already have antivirus software you can install the University's free antivirus software, Sophos, by visiting

If you install our antivirus software, make sure you have uninstalled any other antivirus software first.

Download and install free software

You can install a wide range of software for free on your own device, including the latest version of Microsoft Office. Find out more by visiting