Business Intelligence

BI tools, reporting, and management

Business intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) supports the use of tools which facilitate access to - and analysis of - information held within central University systems.

Business intelligence can help you to make better informed decisions through the use of Business Objects for operational reporting, dashboards which show performance against strategic objectives and associated KPIs, and information spaces which can be used for high level exploration of datasets.

The key tools available to users are:

  • Business Objects, for operational reporting
  • Explorer, for navigating information spaces
  • Dashboards, for monitoring performance against strategic objectives
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile, for access to reporting on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Support is available to help you to make the most of these tools. Computing Services provides training for staff who are new to using BI tools (and to refresh the knowledge of existing users). Answers to common questions are also available on this site along with a wide range of documentation to help you get started.