Experts from the Department of Computer Science lead Python programming workshop at the World Museum, Liverpool

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Image of Elektra

Experts from the Department of Computer Science led an introductory programming workshop, exploring the Python programming language, on 19th and 20th June at the World Museum, Liverpool. It was part of the wider ‘AI: More than human’ exhibition.

The Workshop, led by Dr Sebastian Wild and Dr Bakhtiar Amen, was suitable for young people aged 14+, and featured some programmed robots on display.

The robots that were running directly in the foyer were a great attraction for the many younger kids who were around on the weekend.

Sebastian reporting about events on the day said 'a good fraction of the older kids (and dads) showed interest in the main programming workshop after seeing the robots in action. Many stayed for 30min to an hour, and two people seemed so eager they want to buy their own robots now!'


You can view some pictures from the weekend below:

Outside of the World Museum

Python programming workshop image

Python workshop in the museum

Robots on display at museum


If you would be interested in any Computer Science outreach activities you can contact Dr. Wild.

For any Electrical Engineering outreach activities you can contact Dr Kirsty McKay.