Photo of Prof Rasmita Raval

Prof Rasmita Raval

Professor Chemistry


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship 2016
    • Impact Acceleration Account - University of Liverpool 2012
    • Innovative Manufacture of Novel Antimicrobial Medical Devices (IMNAD)
    • Smart Hybrid pH Responsive Coatings for Healthcare.
    • Study of the mechanisms of oxide growth on silicon surfaces during atomic layer deposition.
    • Creation and application of novel symmetry surfaces (CANSS).
    • Studies on chiral systems using the techniques of circular dichroism and spin-polarised electron spectroscopy.
    • Chemisorption at metal nanostructures created with size-selected cluster beams.
    • Directed Reconfigurable Nanomachines (DRN)
    • Measuring Molecular Electronic Transport at Surfaces
    • NW Centre for Bio Array Innovation
    • KEL09/06 - Surfaces for Novel Chiral Separations
    • Far-IR RAIRS of metal-molecule bonding: realistic models of technologically important interfaces.
    • Tailoring nanomagnetism via symmetry - breaking at surfaces (TANSAS).
    • Core Capability for Chemistry Research at the University of Liverpool.
    • Mechanisms and consequences of chirally selective processes at mineral surfaces.
    • Bottom-up resolution of functional enantiomers from self-organised monolayers (RESOLVE)
    • Control of 2-Dimensional Molecular Self-Organisation: Towards Designed Surfaces
    • Liverpool BioAFM: an integrated optical and atomic force microscope for research across the life sciences
    • Chiral expression and transfer at the nanoscale (CHEXTAN).
    • Giants of the Infinitesimal

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