Symposium on Porous Molecules June 2014

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Professor Andy Cooper introduces keynote speaker Professor Jonathan Nitschke (Cambridge University)

The Department of Chemistry hosted the Symposium on Porous Molecules on Tuesday 3rd June 2014.

The Symposium had over 100 delagates in attendance and featured key presentations from the following speakers:

Prof Michael Mastalerz, Heidelberg
Shape-Persistent Molecular Cages as Soluble Porous Units for Microporous & Mesoporous Materials
Prof Jonathan Nitschke, Cambridge University
Metal-organic Prisons for Molecules, and How Solitary Confinement Affects Molecular Psychology
Dr Kim Jelfs, Imperial College, London
Molecular Prediction of Porous Molecules
Prof Stuart James, Queens University Belfast
Porous Liquids and Commercial Mechanochemical Synthesis of MOFs
Prof Piero Sozzani, Milan
Rotor Dynamics Modulated by Vapors, and in situ Polymerisation in Porous Organic Materials
Prof Peter Budd, Manchester University
PIMs for Membranes: Navigating the Molecular Maze
Prof Neil McKeown, Edinburgh University
In Pursuit of Imperfect Packing
Dr Angeles Pulido, Southampton University
Towards computer-guided tuning of the crystal packing of porous organic cages
Dr Stephen Moggach, Edinburgh University
Pressure-Induced Modifications of Metal-Organic Frameworks

The Symposium also included a poster session over lunch that proved to be a great networking opportunity