Raft race fun at the Mersey River Festival

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CTH Raft Race Group
2015 Mersey River Festival - CTL raft race team

Congratulations to the team from the University's Central Teaching Labs, ‘the Mad Scientists’, who took part in the annual raft race during the International Mersey River Festival 2015. 

The team energetically paddled through water jets, turbulent seas, battled other rafts, escaped the Jet man and only scrambled one of their eggs!!  

At the finishing line the team came in fourth place.

Speaking on behalf of her team, organiser Chris Stalker said ‘ We’ve had a fantastic time, from the start to finish  our whole team has been brilliant and we’ve had so much fun.  We’re already planning our raft design and theme for next year’s race!’.

Raft race 2015 river festival
The team in action
Raft race skull t-shirt