Using our facility

All microscopes, stages and capabilities in the Albert Crewe Centre are accessible through an online booking system.

Step one: submit a proposal for use

Please describe the information that you would like to acquire from the microscopes in the STEM SRF in as much detail as possible specific to the sample. Include potential impacts, equipment risk, chemicals used (synthesis process, side reactions) and safety where appropriate.

Please download and complete the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy SRF access documents (word document, 28KB) and attach them as part of the proposal form.

Step two: training

After approval of the one-page proposal, users are evaluated for their expertise in electron microscopy and assigned a training program (no user is turned away based on expertise level).

Upon completion of the training plan and passing a “driver's test” for a microscope, users will be given access to the booking system and able to book instruments whenever they are available (unless travel/deadline circumstances have dictated otherwise, each user is typically allowed one active session at a time).

Formal training courses in the FIB, TEM, STEM and in-situ stages are offered throughout the year in a hybrid teaching model – on-line lectures, and problem sets followed by hands-on laboratories.

Everyone entering the Albert Crewe Centre (whether through a formal course or for one-off use) receives the same training materials and exercises to complete prior to the driver’s test.

Step three: book a session

Once you have been confirmed as an active user and been assigned a BookIt! log-in (contact, you will be able to independently book sessions on each microscope where you have attained independent user status.

Access charges

Academic users £0 £0 £0
Industrial users £95 £85 £71

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