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Biogeochemistry and electrochemistry of natural systems

Contact: Professor CMG (Stan) van den Berg

Tel: (44-151)7944096    Fax: (44-151)7944099    Mobile: (44-151)7947726

email: vandenberg@liv.ac.uk

Oceanography Laboratories, Earth Sciences Department, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 7ZL



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Research activities

We work on the biogeochemistry of metals (iron, cobalt, zinc, copper, chromium, and other), sulfide, and specific organic compounds (folic acid, glutathione, and others), in the oceanic water column, coastal waters, estuaries, and lakes. We study speciation of metals with organic matter, their redox speciation, and the speciation of specific organic compounds. We do get quite desperate sometimes. So, we decided to do some work on microorganisms too: we are looking for feed-backs between speciation and bio-availability. We are now growing Emiliania huxleyi and other algae and even some bacteria in "realistic" cultures. This is of course different from the unrealistic cultures which most other people may be growing.

We mostly use cathodic stripping voltammetry, usually with ligand competition to determine metal speciation.

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