Stochastic dynamics of a warmer Great Barrier Reef

Multivariate statistical model for benthic community structure on the Great Barrier Reef, in press at Ecology. The definitive version will be here. Here are a preprint and the supporting information.
Also, look at Gross and Edmunds' recent paper. They simultaneously and independently came up with a similar approach to studying reef dynamics in the Caribbean.


Animations of projected changes in stationary distributions of reef composition with increasing climatology (long-term sea surface temperature at a site) for low and medium levels of local threat.


Download and unpack this R code (creates directory distribution). Change to this directory, start R (requires packages boot, car, compositions, expm, mvtnorm, RColorBrewer, Cairo, maps, mapdata, ncf, sp, mvoutlier), and follow the instructions in README.txt in the zip file. Includes a simulated data set (gbrnoise.txt) with the same structure as the real data used in the paper.


Slides from an attempt to explain the modelling approach in a one-dimensional form (for a school mathematics workshop).