Photo of Dr Mark Morgan

Dr Mark Morgan Ph.D

Principal Investigator / Senior Lecturer Molecular Physiology & Cell Signalling


Selected Publications

  1. Adhesion and growth factor receptor crosstalk mechanisms controlling cell migration. (Journal article - 2019)
  2. Pro-migratory and TGF-β-activating functions of αvβ6 integrin in pancreatic cancer are differentially regulated via an Eps8-dependent GTPase switch (Journal article - 2017)
  3. Emerging properties of adhesion complexes: what are they and what do they do? (Journal article - 2015)
  4. Syndecan-4 Phosphorylation Is a Control Point for Integrin Recycling (Journal article - 2013)
  5. Psoriasin (S100A7) associates with integrin beta 6 subunit and is required for alpha v beta 6-dependent carcinoma cell invasion (Journal article - 2011)
  6. Self-Assembling Proteins as High-Performance Substrates for Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal (Journal article - 2019)