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Fröhlich Lecture Series

Fröhlich Lectures are held on Wednesday afternoons at 15:30 in the Rotblat Lecture Theatre in the Chadwick Building unless otherwise stated. Refreshments are served outside the lecture teatre 15 minutes before the advertised start time.

DateTime and LocationSpeakerTitle
Wednesday 14th February 2018 15:00, Muspratt Lecture Theatre Dr David G. Cerdeño, University of Durham Seeing the Invisible: How to observe and identify the dark matter
Wednesday 31st January 2018 14:00, Rotblat Lecture Theatre

Professor Amalia Patane, University of Nottingham

From epitaxy to science and processing technologies of novel van der Waals crystals
Wednesday 22nd November 2017 15:00, Barkla Lecture Theatre Professor Ian Chapman, CEO UK Atomic Energy Authority The path to delivering fusion power

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Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

DateTime and LocationSpeakerTitle
Tuesday 22nd May 2018 13:00, Stephenson Institute Seminar Room Professor Marky Cain (Electrosciences Ltd) In situ study of inter-ferroelectric phase transitions in domain engineered ferroic crystals
Tuesday 24th April 2018 13:00, Stephenson Institute Seminar Room Dr Gøran Nilsen (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) The long road to the kagome lattice antiferromagnet: a few materials met along the way...
Tuesday 30th January 2018 13:00, Stephenson Institute Seminar Room Dr Craig Bull, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory High-Pressure Neutron Diffraction at The ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Tuesday 21st  November 2017 13:00, Stephenson Institute Seminar Room Dr Martin Gradhand, University of Bristol Coupling Charge and Spin Transport in Complex Materials

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Particle Physics Seminars

Particle Physics seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons at 15:30 in Seminar Room 337 in the Oliver Lodge Building unless otherwise stated.

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