OMA Complementary Skills School

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OMA Skills School delegates
OMA Skills School delegates

The first OMA Complementary Skills School took place on 3rd -7th April at the University of Liverpool. It gathered all OMA and a few AVA Fellows, to start collaborations between the two networks coordinated by Prof. Carsten Welsch, Head of Physics Department.

The school focused on complementary skills relevant for early stage researchers, such as presentation skills, project management, peer review and intellectual property rights. The interactive workshops were delivered by both external and internal experts, and followed a programme built on the experience of previous European training networks coordinated by the University of Liverpool and recognized as best practice by the European Commission.

The Fellows took an active part in the workshop, triggering interesting discussions, delivering their own presentations and successfully working in groups.

OMA Skills School

The OMA Complementary Skills School started a series of international events that will be organized in the next three years by the University of Liverpool to train 30 early stage researchers hosted by the OMA and AVA networks.