Public Lecture ‘Treating Cancer with Particle Accelerators’ – Registration now open!

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Particle Accelerators

Have you ever wondered what connects the Large Hadron Collider to cancer treatment? Did you know that more than half of the world’s particle accelerators are used not for fundamental physics research but in cancer treatment and other branches of medicine?

Tuesday 4th April 2017, 18:00, Muspratt Lecture Theatre, Chadwick Building.

In his talk Dr Simon Jolly from the University College London will introduce some of the ways that particle accelerators are used in cancer treatment, from the most common radiotherapy gantries to the more advanced technology needed for proton beam therapy.

Participation is free, but you need to register to attend.

For more information and how to register please follow this link.

Registration deadline 24thMarch 2017.

Download the poster OMA_Public_Talk.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided after the talk. OMA Fellows from across Europe will join for discussions around medical accelerators and ion beam-based cancer therapy.