Lasers and Accelerators for Science and Society Symposium June 26th 2015

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Lasers and Accelerators for Science and Society

The Cockcroft Institute and the University of Liverpool proudly hosted an Outreach Symposium at the Liverpool Convention Centre on 26th June 2015 where renowned scientists including Prof. Brian Cox (University of Manchester), Prof. Grahame Blair (STFC), Prof. Victor Malka (LOA, Paris) and Cockcroft Institute member Prof. Carsten P. Welsch, who organized the event with his EU project TEAM, presented highlights in accelerator and laser research and the enormous impact these tools had on science and society.

Particle accelerators have numerous applications across many fields including fundamental research, medicine, electronics, environment and energy. As the limits of performance are reached new methods for particle acceleration and beam optimisation are needed. 

Lasers will play a key role in the development of accelerators by improving the generation of particle beams, increasing the maximum acceleration gradient, and advanced beam diagnostics methods. 

They were joined by Fellows from the European networks oPAC and LA³NET who presented the results of their research and shared their fascination for science.