Liverpool technology at Museum of Science and Industry Collider exhibition

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The “VELO” detector built by physicists at the University of Liverpool forms part of a major new exhibition about the pioneering work at CERN.

The Collider exhibition at Museum of Science and Industry provides an interactive guide to the work of the 10,000 scientists and engineers based at the giant underground site below the Swiss-French Border.

Included in the exhibition of technology from CERN is a tracking detector constructed at the University’s Semiconductor Detector Centre. The detector was part of one of the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, used to examine the difference between matter and anti-matter, hunt for dark matter, and study the Higgs Particle.

Professor Themis Bowcock, who built the VELO detector, leads a team of 50 Liverpool scientists and engineers which carries out a broad particle physics research programme, based at CERN and other laboratories round the globe.

The exhibition runs until 28th September 2014 at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester and features theatre, video and sound art, as well as artefacts from CERN – recreating a visit to the famous particle physics laboratory.