The British Foundation of Women Graduates: Academic Award 2023

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Lottie Cavanagh, a 3rd year PhD student supervised by Prof. Monica D’Onofrio and Dr Carl Gwilliam, has been awarded the Edith Stoney Award for her research “Searching for long-lived dark matter particles with the FASER experiment at the LHC”. The British Foundation of Woman Graduates (BFWG) provides awards for academic excellence to doctoral students in the second half of their programme of study. Awards are named after significant past BFWG members: Prof. Edith Stoney was Head of Physics at the London School of Medicine for Women and a founding member of the BFUW. After presenting her research to the BFWG panel, Lottie was awarded 1 of the 8 prizes given to the 2023 round of applicants. She will attend an awards day held for all 2023 academic awardees at UCL next summer.

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