Funding secured for International PP Experiments

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Our department’s particle physics cluster has been successful in securing £1.1 million in the recent STFC PPGP 2022 PDRA call, which will be used to support the physics exploitation of a number of major international experiments.

Regarding this funding, Professor Joost Vossebled said: “We are extremely pleased with this excellent outcome, securing funding for key postdoc position across our programme that will help us contribute to many exciting physics results in the coming years.”

This will support newly funded postdoctoral researchers, who will work on various experiments such as: physics analyses with the LHC experiments ATLAS and LHCb at CERN, developing new measurements of rare baryonic B-decays, the neutrino experiment SBND at Fermilab – which will be starting up this year – measuring muon neutrino interactions and refine neutrino cross-section models for the future long baseline neutrino programme, and on liquid Argon detector R&D and the commissioning and exploitation of the large underground liquid Argon dark matter detector DarkSide20k in Italy.

Congratulations to the cluster!