£435k funding secured for XMaS beamline at ESRF

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The department is delighted to share that our own Professor Chris Lucas and Dr Yvonne Gründer have been successful in obtaining a £435,000 EPSRC equipment grant. The grant will be used to provide new equipment for the XMaS beamline, which has been in ESRF in Grenoble, France for over 25 years, offering a combination of structural and spectroscopic techniques, such as X-ray diffraction, small angle x-ray scattering and X-ray spectroscopy. One of the facility’s key strengths is that it has in-situ and operando experimental environments for the study of energy materials, which are crucial in the development of applications such as batteries, photovoltaics and catalysts

This new equipment will be installed on the XMaS beamline during early 2023, and its aim is to support the studies carried out at ESRF by providing new state of the art X-Ray detectors, new gas handling and gas analysis systems for heterogeneous catalysis experiments, a potentiostat/galvonostat for simultaneous electrochemical and impedance measurements and a Raman spectrometer which will provide complementary spectroscopic information.

The deadline to submit a proposal to use the XMaS beamline is 1st April 2023, and anyone interested or looking for further information is encouraged to contact either Professor Chris Lucas or Dr. Yvonne Gründer.

Sincere congratulations from us all!