Postgraduate Presentation Prize

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Lottie graduating, and her certificate (below) received from the MDPI Instruments journal

Lottie Cavanagh, a 2nd year particle physics PhD student supervised by Monica D’Onofrio and Carl Gwilliam, was awarded the prize for “Best Presentation from an Early Career Researcher” at the recent 19th International Conference on Calorimetry (CALOR22) at the University of Sussex.

The title of the talk was "FASER's Electromagnetic Calorimeter Test Beam Studies", where she summarised the work done on characterising and commissioning the calorimeter for the FASER experiment using a dedicated test beam in summer 2021. FASER is one of the newest experiments at the LHC.

The experiment was built to search for the decays of hypothesised new particles with a long lifetime produced in LHC collisions that are candidates for dark matter. FASER started data taking in July 2022 with the beginning of Run 3 at CERN. 

Congratulations Lottie!