RUEDI Town Hall Meeting - Materials in Extremes

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The RUEDI facility will provide UK scientists in both academia and industry with unprecedented capabilities to investigate and understand molecular-scale dynamics in-vivo, in-situ and under operando conditions. As the facility can uniquely investigate dynamics on the fs time scale of making and breaking individual bonds in large complex systems, RUEDI can rapidly advance the UK as a world leader in new technologies for healthy ageing, energy storage and renewable energy conversion, nanophotonics, thermoelectrics, and structural materials for extreme conditions. In addition to the scientific applications of this advanced facility, the development, testing and application of the operando stages, sensors and detectors and the AI/ image analytics to accelerate discovery, will enhance the UKs education base and business competitiveness in a rapidly changing global research field.

We are writing to you to cordially invite you to join the second in a series of Town Hall meetings organized across the UK to introduce the scientific community to MeV Ultrafast science. This in-person meeting focuses on the area “Materials in Extreme” and will be held at Daresbury Laboratory on Thursday, 21st July 2022.

You can find more information about RUEDI on the following website: Please feel free to share this information with other colleagues that might be interested.

Guest speakers include:

Nigel D Browning, RUEDI Director who will provide an overview of the planned national facility, outlining the transformative science themes accelerating UK technologies: Dynamics of Chemical Change, Materials in Extremes, Quantum Materials & Processes, Energy Generation, Storage and Conversion, In Vivo Biosciences.  Further information on RUEDI can be accessed from the Website:

Dr John Proctor, Senior Lecturer, Salford University will be talking about Materials in Extremes concerning the Materials Engineering.

Professor Gianluca Gregori, Professor of Physics, University of Oxford will be talking about Materials in Extremes concerning Laboratory Astrophysics.

The event will comprise working groups around the themes: Materials in energy sector, Materials in laboratory astrophysics and Materials engineering.  There will be led discussions in each theme which will guide the design and scientific case for RUEDI.

Further information and a link to registration can be accessed here: