Dr Steve Barrett receives the Sir Patrick Moore Prize

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Barrett talk slides
A montage of: 'Some of Steve's more than 20 talks"

The British Astronomical Association has awarded the Sir Patrick Moore Prize to Dr Steve Barrett. The award was made in recognition of a significant contribution to astronomy that reflects the life and work of Sir Patrick Moore – encouraging everyone to appreciate astronomy as both a fascinating hobby and as a scientific discipline.

Steve gives about 30 talks per year to schools, special interest groups and the public, explaining the science behind the latest astronomical observations, ideas and discoveries.

In the nomination for the prize, Steve was described as "... the quintessential scientific ambassador for astronomy. He manages to explain astronomical topics in a fascinating, entertaining and easily understandable way. Most importantly, he communicates complex concepts in an eloquent way without sacrificing the detail of the science behind them, holding the interest of an audience with vastly different backgrounds and levels of prior scientific knowledge and experience, young and old alike. When handling questions from the audience, he has the impressive ability to pitch his responses at exactly the right level for the questioner. Feedback from many societies has confirmed that his talks are considered the best that they have heard."