Inaugural Lecture - Professor Uta Klein 2nd October 2019

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Professor Uta Klein
Professor Uta Klein

Inaugural Lecture – Uta Klein, Department of Physics

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 12:00-13.30, Lecture Theatre D, Central Teaching Hub

“Inside Matter”

50 years ago, the discovery of quarks inside the proton in high energy electron-proton scattering established a methodology for how to look deeply inside matter with accelerators. Moreover, it provided crucial input to the field theory formulation of Quantum Chromodynamics with coloured gluons that carry the strong interaction and generate nearly all visible matter.

The talk covers selected highlights of my journey towards unravelling and understanding the dynamical features of quarks and gluons, which brought me to most powerful super-microscopes operating at high energies, HERA at Hamburg and the LHC at Geneva. The talk concludes with an outlook on the future of parton, vector and Higgs boson physics with the LHC and its fruitful symbiosis with the ultimate microscope for exploring the inside of matter, the proposed novel electron-hadron collider LHeC.