Success in the Undergraduate Physics Olympics

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Physics Olympics 2018

Even the rain couldn’t bring the mood down during welcome week when our 1st year undergraduates took part in an exciting and fun afternoon filled with competitive physics based activities based in the Central Teaching Laboratories.

These activities, supported and run by current undergraduates, postgraduates and staff, were a mixture of physical, technical and mathematical challenges with the highest ranking team in each winning fascinating physics toys such as self-stirring mugs, hydrophobic sand, model making kits and more!

Another challenge was the ‘Dr Who?’ activity where the students matched current photos of their new lecturers to the corresponding ‘student’ photos where the answers were not always obvious!

There was also a social media element to the competition where students were asked to ‘Tweet’ their experiences throughout the day. Prizes were awarded for the first tweet and the best tweet!

Pizza was served in Maria’s Café in the Oliver Lodge Laboratories where students spent some time at their leisure meeting current students and staff while enjoying their refreshments.

The department would like to thank all staff and students who were involved in running this event and well done and the heartiest of Liverpool welcomes to all of our 1st years who really impressed everybody on this rewarding and excellent day.